Arrangements for Worship after 12th February 2022

Many of the legal requirements for Covid 19 have been lifted and summarised as follows:-

  • Legal requirements for social distancing will no longer apply and you will not need to stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with.
  • There are no legal restrictions on the number of people that can attend a place of worship.
  • Face coverings are no longer required by law in any setting.
  • There will no longer be limits on the number of people who can sing indoors or outdoors. This includes indoor congregational and communal singing.
  • No requirement to collect details for test and trace.
  • No restrictions on children and youth work and no requirement for children to be kept in bubbles.
  • Places of worship should follow the principles set out in the working safely guidance

Whilst there has been a lifting of the legal requirements the spirit of the new guidance places the responsibility on churches to consider the risks and also to respect individual attendees who may have different approaches to risk. The emphasis is trying to ensure that the church does not become a ‘crowded indoor space’.

The Elders and Trustees are proposing the following procedures based on the risk to our congregation, considering the age, vulnerability and demographic of our attendees, local covid rates, vaccine uptake etc. Please remember some of this may change and we may have to continually update our procedures to suit.
Approach to church
1)   We will continue to provide live-streaming of services held in the church for those who cannot attend.  In addition we are working towards providing interactive Zoom meetings in the Church when a preacher cannot attend but the congregation can, with those who cannot joining in on Zoom from home. This will also be for midweek meetings.
2)   Anyone who exhibits signs of Coronavirus must not attend and should seek medical advise.
3)   The Church Elders and Trustees suggest that those proposing to attend the Church services in the building have a lateral flow test before attending. If positive they should not attend and arrange for a PCR test as soon as possible.
4)   We will continue to hold communion as part of these services using prepackaged elements, to be Covid compliant.
5)   There will be no Sunday school for the time being but it is hoped that this can start again in the near future.
6)   You should arrive by the main church entrance.
7)   Door stewards - who will be trustees/elders – will meet you at the main door. It is anticipated that the Door Stewart rota will commence again in the very near future.
8)   There will be a notice on the website for visitors to inform them of when we will be meeting in church, our guidance within the church and to notify us if they wish to attend.

In the church
1)   The wearing of face masks is no longer mandatory but is the individual's decision whether to do so or not.
2)   Whilst there is no longer a requirement to social distance, there may be some attendees who would still prefer to keep 2 meters apart and we should all do our part to respect this.
3)   Sanitiser is provided at the entrance to the church and you are strongly advised to use it.
4)   Although it is no longer a legal requirement to “check in” we are encouraged to retain the NHS QR code poster.
5)   Where possible bible readings and the words of hymns will be put on the screens, for those who need hymn books a few will be provided at the back of the church.
6)   The congregation will be reminded each week during the notices about Covid 19 arrangements.
7)   There is a one in one out system for all toilets. Sanitiser & wipes will be available in the toilets with instructions for use.
8)   The kitchen and library will be available for those who want to use them.
9) To increase ventilation windows and doors will need to be left partly open, please ensure you have adequate clothing as the temperature will be lower than normal.
Leaving the church
We will not be serving refreshments after the service on the first week of the new arrangements but it is anticipated that this can start up again very soon and a serving rota produced.
These arrangements and procedures are subject to change according to ongoing science and Government advice.