The Christian Institute
Christian news and views on contemporary ethical issues in the UK. Position papers, lectures (mp3), articles on theology and apologetics.

Edinburgh Theological Seminary
Edinburgh Theological Seminary is a theological seminary in Edinburgh connected to the Free Church of Scotland. The ETS has a Bachelor of Theology programme with degrees validated by the University of Glasgow.

Open Doors
Open Doors is a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians in over 60 countries where they consider Christianity to be socially or legally discouraged or oppressed.

Fellowship of Independent Evamgelical Churches
The FIEC is all about equipping churches that are shaped by the Bible and driven by the gospel to become a powerful movement of God’s people that, in his hands, can help to change the nation.

North East Gospel Partnership
The North East Gospel Partnership is a partnership of Bible believing evangelicals in the North East of England

Asia Link
A Christian mission organisation sharing the gospel with the unreached people of Asia.

Barnabas Fund
Barnabas Fund is an international Christian charity supporting persecuted Christians suffering because of their faith.

Resources and advice on marriage and sex education from a Christian perspective for churches, parents and schools.