Welcome to Tots 'n' Toys - a group for children aged 0-4 and their carers.

The group aims to be friendly and informal and we hope that you an your children quickly feel at home.

The doors open at 1pm. From then until about 2.30pm there is a selection of toys available and an activity table where we do crafts, jigsaws and other creative activities. Please fee free to join your children at the table and have some fun!


Whilst your children play, you can enjoy a chat and drink. Adult drinks are served until 2.15pm. There is a set time for the children's drink and snack.


At 2.30 it's all hands on deck to help tidy away to make room for group time - a time when we can all come together for a time of singing. Occasionally this may include a story from the Bible. Pushchairs can be left in the entrance hall and nappies and wipes are freely available. There is no charge for Tots 'n' Toys but we do ask you for your name and address in case we need to contact you. It would also be useful to have your child's birthday.

Please speak to Chris (or any of the team) if you have any questions.